Users Without Passwords Project and Article Series

I enjoy writing these articles. It often enhances and clarifies my coding. The research project is a result of a lot of refactoring and hopefully provides logical segues for the articles. Thank you for supporting my efforts.

This article series is about the implementation WebAuthn, also known as FIDO2, instead of passwords. The project has been upgraded to ASP.NET Core 6.0 with Visual Studio 2022 from the ASP.NET Core 5.0 project. I migrated the Startup.cs to top-level statements in Program.cs. I also implemented global usings and file scoped namespaces. I have enabled the nullable context and mitigated all warnings and issues. The project implements Bootstrap v5 and Bootstrap Native. The latest version is published at UsersWithoutPasswords. Com. You can register a new user with Windows Hello, Apple Face ID and Touch ID, Android Lock Screen, or a FIDO2 security key. Details, screenshots, and related articles can be found at ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users Without Passwords Project. The details page includes the version change log.

FIDO (Fast IDentification Online) UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) supports a passwordless experience. With FIDO UAF, the user carries a device with a FIDO UAF stack installed. They can then register their device to the online service by selecting a local authentication mechanism such as swiping a finger, looking at the camera, speaking into the mic, entering a PIN, etc. The FIDO UAF protocol allows the service to select which mechanisms are presented to the user.